Sunday, March 22, 2015

ALS A&E Test 2014 Results' Tentative Date of Release (Unofficial)

Alternative Learning System

Tentative Date of Release: ALS A&E Test 2014 Results (Unofficial)

A concerned ALS student (Mr. V.G.) sent to us via our Facebook Page this screenshot of a document. According to him, this is the BALS' response to his email inquiry about the release of the exam's results.

Photo Credit: Sir V.G.

This is the highlighted excerpt of the document, "Test Results will be released to BALS by 3rd week to last week of April 2015."

Regularly visit this page, we will post the direct and mirror links of 2014 ALS A&E Test Result' official list of passers as soon as it will be published by the Deped.

Disclaimer: We do not confirm the authenticity of the photo above. As mentioned, it was just sent to us by a concerned ALS student. are in good faith in sharing this photo and have no intention to give any false info. You (readers/ALS students that are waiting for the results) are also encouraged to send individual email to BALS for confirmation.