Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sample Test - The Past Forms of Regular Verbs

ALS Reviewer

Inirerekomendang basahin muna ang English Lesson - The Past Forms of Regular Verbs bago magpatuloy sagutan ang Sample Test na ito.

Sample Test:
Supply the correct past form of regular verbs in each item.
1. The victims of 911 attack last September 11, 2001 were ______ (bury) alive.
2. Rico and Gerry ______ (launch) their business yesterday.
3. Tina ______ (worry) for her son in his field trip last month.
4. Her mother ______ (bake) cake last weekend.
5. Peter ______ (party) last night in Simon's birthday bash.
6. We ______ (dine) together the other night.
7. Sheena ______ (type) her answers fast in the competition last year.
8. The President ______ (disclose) his bank statements in the press-con earlier morning today.
9. Mr. Cruz ______ (cook) our lunch a while ago.
10. Francis ______ (turn) in the wrong road in their trip last March.

Answers: 1. buried, 2. launched, 3. worried, 4. baked, 5. partied, 6. dined, 7. typed, 8. disclosed, 9. cooked, 10. turned (high-lite from here backwards to reveal the answers)